the tartan ride

The Tartan Ride is not a race. The Tartan Ride is not a challenge.

The Tartan Ride is a social event to celebrate St Andrew’s Weekend as only bike lovers can; a way for bike-minded folk to get together and enjoy the social aspects of cycling. The Tartan Ride is a catalyst for change to help those less-fortunate by enabling and encouraging a healthier lifestyle; it is a creative response to raise funding for bike based projects throughout Scotland.

Riders dressed in their finest tartans ride carefully chosen routes through various cities, taking in a few stops on the way for refreshment, food and unique experiences, ultimately arriving at a destination where a traditional, and celebratory ceilidh takes place.

Funds are raised through the ticket price, individual donation, t-shirt sales and via a raffle at the ceilidh. The last two events in Glasgow raised in excess of £1,000 for projects run by Bike Station Glasgow.

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