Weathered Cyclist: The Cycling Tartan

Tartans with a more muted palette are often known as ‘weathered’. And of course, it is the cycling tartan; let’s face it, anyone who has ridden a bike in rough conditions, especially in Scotland, can relate to being a ‘weathered cyclist’. The matching of the two words was a good fit from the start. As a result, ‘Weathered Cyclist™’ is the only tartan that represents cycling.

Weathered Cyclist’s colours were chosen to display a more refined, subdued and classic taste; chosen to reflect the natural world in which we ride – moss, trees, and autumnal bracken; with the overchecks representing blood, sweat and gears.

The tartan has been designed and registered with the official Scottish Government body, Scottish Register of Tartans, by founding director Ali Campbell.

Weathered Cyclist was born from the idea that every action has a reaction.
We choose a positive reaction.

As a charity we believe that the simple act of riding a bike is a therapy in itself. We believe that riding a bike is liberation in itself. We want like-minded people that enjoy their bikes to be able to share with those who, for whatever reason, don’t find it so easy to take to two wheels.

We want to get people cycling. We don’t care about ability, about background or what colour anyone’s bike is.

Get on your bikes and ride!

For sales and enquiries please drop us an email on ‘info@’

Let’s get social. Come along for the ride!