Our Founder Members are the people who supported the initial crowdfunding campaign to get this whole thing up and running. We are eternally grateful  to them for their part in helping us get up and running.

Founder Members are, quite simply, some of our heroes.

Founder Members don’t have any influence or control of how the charity operates, though we would seek and trust their opinion should we require it. The Founder Members just popped up at the right time. As someone quite famous once said, “We  can be heroes, just for one day”.

Derek Aitken
Brian Bose
David Brennan
Daisy Butcher
Ollie Butcher
Sam Butcher
Ali Campbell
Andrew Campbell
Evie Campbell
Fiona Campbell
Heather-Ann & Robin Campbell
Jane Campbell
Lachlan Campbell
Morven Campbell
Sadie Campbell
Iain Childs
Zia Choudry
Alistair Cook
Erwin Delapre
Dominik Diamond
Alec Farmer
Martin Graham
Emma Hartley
Sarah Heald
Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet
Alister Kyle

Ramsay Macfarlane
Hilary Laing
Robert Little
Lisa Loo
James Lucas
Dan Lurinsky
Tony Morley
Laura Nicolson
Emma Olver
Cara Pleym
Andrew Poodle
Sophie Pragnell
Chris Primrose
John Riordan
Lucy Reynolds
Fred Robarts
Eilidh Robertson
Paul Shiels
Grant Stephen
James Stewart
Jenny Svanberg
Donna Swabey
Annie Tulken
Thomas Turner
Jane Valentine
Colin Walker
Kirsty Walker

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